Friday, 3 August 2007

Pattern Review UFO Contest 2007: Rules

Alrighty, start your engines and give us a good college try!

The Rules:

1.Projects should have been started before particularly recent memory. More importantly, is your judgment however, if it’s bugging you and you think of it as UFO not WIP, then it is a UFO in terms of this contest.

2. The items need to be a “new” sewing project not mending. The material can be recycled, so long as you aren’t simply remaking something. I.e. Knits from men’s xxxxl tess, or a dress from curtains.

3. To be considered a UFO the project needs to be at least cut out but not necessarily sewn. An intended project (all the notions, all the fabric matched with the right pattern) does not count as a UFO.

4. Points will be distributed per completed object as so:
4 pts- cut out, completely unsewn
3 pts- more than half the project is left to do
2 pts- less than half the project is left to do, but it is more than just hemming or attatching buttons
1 pt- hemming, attaching buttons, slipstiching a single edge, or something of the same variety.
One person, with the most points will receive a prize (undecided as of yet)

5. A complete object is one that can be worn or used in the state in which you claim it is finished. A lined jacket, that you are planning to line, then, needs to be lined. A quilt top, but unquilted does not count.

5. Also, the most creatively finished project will be voted upon, so make sure you include the story in your review! Creative finishing means that the garment in question cannot be finished as it was originally intended (Used notions for another project, not enough of the right fabric, this isn't fitting or different buttons used, but a major obstacle for completion.)

6. All types of sewing are permitted.

7. An honorable mention goes to the person with the oldest UFO completed. Dig out the goodies!

8. Please start sewing no earlier than Midnight, Aug 1st. Pacific Standard Time and stop no later than Midnight, Sept. 31st. PST.

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