Tuesday, 30 October 2007

#18 Black stripe culottes done

#18 Black stripe culottes are now done and I will try to post a picture.
I followed the construction methods from Threads August/September 2005 'Sew Clothes that keep on fitting' - this is how to construct garments so they are easier to alter as you lose weight.

My construction order was as follows
Sew fronts together, attach front facing.
Sew back darts, insert invisible zipper in centre back and sew up rest of back crotch, attach back facing in two sections.
Sew side seams through facing pieces in one seam - this is where the alterations will come in future.
Sew inside leg seams, hem and hand stitch facings in place.

the resulting culottes/gauchos/wide leg cropped pants fit beautifully which is a happy accident of a TNT pattern.

I'm now just hoping I was in hoarding mode rather than declutter mode when I cut them out, and have kept the scraps - because matching waistcoat (vest) fronts with satin back would be lovely and make a nice fashionable little outfit.

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